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Pure Fresh Juice

Organic Cold Pressed Juices & Smoothies


100 % Fresh Juice

Pure Fresh Juice


My name is Squeezing

Squeezing is a Britain-based maker of fresh, organic, plant-based beverages. Our products are designed by nutritionists to nourish and help you feel great. We’re always fresh, and never use any nasty ingredients or preservation technologies in anything we make.

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Pressed Juice


Each of our raw, organic juices are created using an industrial-grade, hydraulic cold press juicer. Praised as the most efficient type of juicer on the market, a cold press does not introduce heat or oxygen, producing the purest, most nutrient-dense juice that you can get your hands on.

Simple yet Effective Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System. Developing a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet as they are key to giving our body the tools to tackle everyday germs and reduce the risk of illness.

Here are some tips you can try today!

Take care
of your health

The Squeezing Promise

Organic Ingredients

Only the highest quality, locally sourced organic ingredients in each bottle.

Cold Pressed

The vital vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and nutrients are intact which allows you to enjoy the most nutritious (and tasty) juice.

Only The Good

100% organic, with no additives, and no dilution or artificial flavours.

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